Saturday, January 19, 2013


'Dead Meat' by Conor Harrington

I'm blown away at the moment by the work of Irish street artist Conor Harrington and the work that I saw today on the side of Bang Cafe on Merrion Row today. I looked up at the side of the building as I was walking by and immediately my jaw dropped as I noticed a massive painting of a dead deer and a seated man leaning over at it, his face removed and littered with graffiti tags. The piece looks like an old painting from the Louvre, that was just left on a beach for a month so the paint has cracked and bled and vandals have tagged it with graffiti signatures, and yet it's one of the most incredible pieces I've seen in a long time, certainly the best piece of Irish street art I've ever come across! I love all the textures and colours, they all clash and overlap like a sloppy collage, but all the chaos and movement is what makes it so striking and beautiful. The size of it is a big impact as well, I'm sure it wasn't done in a quick sketch like most street art, it's a good 3 metres tall at least and painted at the top of the gable wall (which I think is a great idea because it doesn't make the street seem run down or vandalized, and makes it easier to appreciate as 'art'). His fine art meets street art way of working is one that I haven't seen before and I find so interesting and unusual. I'm a big fan of the renaissance, and I'm a big fan of the modern street art culture. This combination of both is perfect.

'When We Were Kings' by Conor Harrington

'Modern Monarchy' by Conor Harrington

'Tales Of Blood And Slaughter' by Conor Harrington

I want to try incorporate some of Harrington's techniques of destroying perfect images to make them more interesting in my own work, maybe make a collage then rip off some pieces and stick some new ones on, throw on some paint then turn it upside down, run it under the tap and rub it with sandpaper, that kind of thing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I'm trying to think of how I would describe the clothes that Aideen Gaynor, a friend of mine from college, makes and the first words that spring to mind are black, futuristic and clean. The only thing stopping me from saying that they're the right words is that they sound so boring (which Aideen is not) so I'm going to throw in sharp, urban and androgynous. Everything is about monochrome and subtle details for Aideen, who at the age of 18 has already completed a course at New York's FIT and interned (twice!) for John Rocha. For her first big project in college, she looked at the idea of straight jackets as fashion pieces, and began developing her own collection inspired by them.

Although Aideen does design with women in mind, when I look at her clothes, I would wear a lot of them myself, and don't think anyone would think I was wearing a woman's outfit if I did. For a recent photoshoot, Aideen created a collection that incorporated a lot of silver leather and mesh material. When she showed me the hoodie on the model below with the silver panels, I thought that if I saw that in a shop, I would pay for it. I even tried it on (and actually waited for her to ask for it back before I wanted to take it off). A lot of the clothes she makes are quite plain and uniform and then each of them has this detail that makes them stand out, like a silver panel or a mesh sleeve, which on something really colourful or over-the-top would be too much but on plain black and grey works really well.

Photography: Erica Coburn
Styling: Aoife Dunne
All tops made by Aideen Gaynor

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I'm currently going through a phase where I refuse to listen to any music except for Alt-J. I only found out about them the other night and, once I heard 'Breezeblocks', I had to download the whole album. It's been on a loop ever since.

Ok I'm going to make up my own genre of music here and call them dark-folk. They're kind of like Mumford and Sons meets Muse with a drunk male version of Diana Vickers singing. It's, like, haunting.

The only difficulty I would have with the band is that sometimes they come off as a tiiiny bit too try-hard-to-be-hipster with whole triangle obsession, they could drop that. Other than that, their lyrics are incredible, with things like 'put the grenade pin in your hand, so you understand who's boss', my love for this band has gone from 0-10 after listening to them only a few times.